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Bamboo Airways has brought back their Let’s Interact promotion where you can earn a free domestic flight within Vietnam at no cost! All it takes is opening promotional emails from Bamboo Airways:

“Just 5 seconds a day to “interact” with Bamboo Club, members will have the opportunity to receive 4,000 reward points, equivalent to 01 free airfare to fly all over Vietnam!”

Designed to encourage interaction with the Bamboo Club frequent flyer program this promotion allows you earn up to 4,000 points. Those 4,000 points are enough for a short haul domestic flight within Vietnam (up to 460 miles).

Bamboo Club Domestic Flight Reward Chart

How do you earn the free points?

Earning the points at no cost to you is simple. All you need to do is join Bamboo Club if you are not a member yet and then wait for the emails to start showing up in your inbox. Most email communication from Bamboo counts except for system notification emails such as changing password, PIN code, monthly account statement, etc.

You will earn 50 Bamboo Club points per eligible email from Bamboo Airways that you open (and I recommend clicking on a link in the email just to be extra sure) The promotion runs until December 31 so there quite enough time to earn up to 4,000 points as long as Bamboo Airways sends emails with regular frequency

And that’s all there is to it! Bamboo states they will add the points to your account 15 days after receiving the email so let’s hope that holds true (see the background information below)

Even if you don’t use the points for the free short haul domestic flight within Vietnam you can use these points to boost your balance for future redemption options. Bamboo Club points expire after 36 months so you do have some time to keep adding to your balance before having to worry about losing these points.

Click here to learn more about and take part in this promotion

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Background on the Let’s Interact promotion

I’ll be honest the first time they ran this bonus from Dec 2022 to Mar 2023 it was a bit of a disaster. They changed the promotion mid course so you couldn’t earn as many points as they first promised. They took away the bonus points for logging in to your account (50 points) and logging in on the mobile app (50 points). All that remained of the promotion was the portion where you would earn points for opening emails (50 points) and that seemed all for naught as there were zero points showing up in anybody’s accounts in the time promised by Bamboo Airways.

However, the airline did seem to get their act together by early March and started awarding the points. I opened a lot of Bamboo Airways emails from early January to March (and I made sure to also click on a link in them) and I did receive points for some but not all of them:

I would say that I opened and clicked through at least double the amount email as listed above. I didn’t keep track of it (Which goes against my own preaching of taking screenshots of everything etc.) but based on the points accrual I would say it was emails sent in January and February that weren’t tracked properly.

Let’s hope that since they did get their act together towards the end of the first run of this promotion that this time it will run more smoothly. There is also a longer time period for the promotion this time which means it might actually work out for many people to actually earn the 4,000 points for that free one way off season short haul domestic flight.

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