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Just before Christmas we posted the details of Bamboo Airways Bamboo Club promotion: LET’S INTERACT, LET’S FLY FREE WITH BAMBOO CLUB! This promotion stated that with just 5 seconds of work each day you could earn enough points for a free domestic flight within Vietnam. The promo details stated points would post at the end of each week and when one of our readers reached out to us letting us know they weren’t seeing any points we contacted Bamboo Airways about it.

And their response? They changed the promotion on December 27th to only provide points when you open promotional emails.

Let’s rewind here and look at what the promotion originally offered. When the promotion launched on December 5th Bamboo Airways promised 50 points per day for each of these actions:

  • Log in to Bamboo Club account on Bamboo Airways website
  • Log in to Bamboo Club account on Bamboo Airways mobile app
  • Open promotional emails sent to member accounts*
    * Note: Not applicable to email for system notification such as changing password, PIN code, monthly account statement, etc.)

So you could earn 50 Bamboo Club points per action and were limited to earning 150 points per day (50 points per action/per day) and 4,000 in total for the promotion.

According to the email sent to us from Bamboo Airways that as of December 27 they changed the promotion, and sure enough when you go to the landing page, the offer now states:

Promotion: Give away 50 reward points for the following actions:

    • Open promotional emails sent to member accounts*

So now they are only awarding 50 points when you open promotional emails.

I see maybe one or two of these emails per week which is perhaps 100 points max. and given the promotion only runs until March 31 there is no way to earn enough points for a free domestic flight that they are still claiming. And so far I haven’t seen any points post from opening those emails I have received.

To earn the 4,000 points a member would need to receive 80 promotional emails. That would require Bamboo Airways to send an email out roughly every 1.5 days to members since the promotion launch date of December 5. I definitely don’t get that many emails from them but perhaps those located in Vietnam or Southeast Asia do? Who knows.

Anyways, Bamboo Airways decided to change this promotion and it was in bad taste for them to do so mid-course. I know some of our readers were excited for this promotion as it was timed perfectly for them when they travel to Vietnam later this year. I mean 4,000 points isn’t a lot, it’s only enough points for an off peak short haul ticket within Vietnam but still they screwed over members who thought they would be receiving what the airline promised and that is no longer the case.

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