Up to 3,000 bonus Miles & More miles for stays at Best Western Hotels in Germany, Austria etc.

Miles & More Best Western Offer

Without fail we have a new Miles & More Best Western stay bonus offer for the final quarter of the year. We see the return of the  multiple stay offer which has an increasing bonus with each additional stay.

The up to 3,000 miles offer:

Earn up to 3,000 bonus Miles & More Miles for stays at Best Western Hotels in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic, or Slovenia. Register and book now for stays until Dec 31, 22. Click here to register for & to book this offer. (Registration is required)

Bonuses awarded as follows:

  • For the 1st stay additional 500 miles
  • For the 2nd stay additional 1,000 miles
  • For the 3rd stay additional 1,500 miles

Additional Miles & More bonus miles offers:

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