Finnair Plus: Up to a 30% bonus and a 30% discount when you buy points

Seems like Finnair is finding value in providing offers on buying their points as we see another deal from them! This time is a discount and a bonus combined. The last offer was only a discount. While it is nice to see this bonus and discount combined I would only buy the points right now if you need them for an immediate award or if you need some points to reach elite status right now (these points can be converted 3:1 to elite status tier points) The reason why you may want to wait is that Finnair over the past couple of years has run a buy points bonus at the end of the year that includes elite status tier bonus points where you could effectively buy oneworld status. As there is a limit to the number of points you can buy in a calendar year, if you don’t need those points right now I would gamble and wait to see if Finnair brings back the year end bonus so that you can maximize the number of points you buy at that time.

Offer details:

Receive up to a 30% bonus and a 30% discount when you buy Finnair Plus Points. Valid until May 30, 22. Click here for more details.

Points purchased:  Discount and bonus rate: 
6,000–49,000 points 10% discount and 10% bonus
50,000–99,000 points 20% discount and 20% bonus
100,000–200,000 points 30% discount and 30% bonus
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