Nobody does Marriott Bonvoy Bonuses like Frequent Flyer Bonuses

We’re here to toot our own horn and let you all know that nobody does Marriott Bonvoy bonuses like Frequent Flyer Bonuses – not even Marriott. Actually, truth be told, nobody does any frequent flyer, frequent guest and other loyalty program bonuses like Frequent Flyer Bonuses. We’ve been doing them for over 17 years here on FFB and over 20 years on Rewards Canada. You’ll find bonus offers and other promotions for over 170 airline, hotel, car rental, rail, credit card and other programs on the website – the majority of which are not covered anywhere else. Out of all those 170+ pages however the Marriott Bonvoy page is the most visited of them all.

There are several reasons for this, the first is Marriott Bonvoy is one of the largest loyalty programs worldwide in terms of membership and for hotel chains they are one of the largest as well with over 7,000 hotels.  The second reason is Marriott actually offers a lot of bonus points offers  – from systemwide bonuses, individual stay bonuses, partner bonuses and more. Outside of the systemwide bonuses, Marriott in general doesn’t make it very easy to find these bonus offers, namely the individual stay bonuses and regional bonus offers. That’s where FFB comes in – we do the leg work for you to find these offers and publish them on one easy to navigate page, our Marriott Bonvoy – Bonus Point Offers & Deals page. Every week we add roughly 10 to 30 new Marriott bonus offers. In fact this week alone (week of April 25th) we have already added 18 new Marriott bonuses in just three days and will post even more before the week ends!

TIP: You should always visit the Marriott Bonvoy page (or other program pages on our site) before you book any travel to make sure you aren’t missing out on bonus offers, discounts or other deals!

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Simply look for the “New” icon to see any new offers added that week and subscribe to our newsletter as we summarize all the offers added that week as well.

To help you even more, here’s a quick and easy guide to the Marriott Bonvoy page on FFB:

You can simply scroll down the page to peruse all the offers or you can use the quick jump buttons:

The first drop down button covers Worldwide and Regional offers as follows:

  • Worldwide / Regional Offers are bonus points offers and other promotions from Marriott that are available for stays at all their hotels or perhaps quite a few hotels within a region
  • Deals & Discounted Offers are non-bonus points promotions from Marriott, so these can be deals like 20% off stays, buy 2 nights get a 3rd free and so on.
  • Buy Points Offers are just that, bonus points or discounts for buying Marriott Bonvoy points
  • Dining Offers are bonus points offers, discounts and other promotions for dining at or getting take out from Marriott in-hotel restaurants
  • Conference / Meeting / Group Offers are bonus points offers and other promotions for booking conferences, weddings, meetings and other such group activities at Marriott Hotels

The second drop down button is for Country Specific Offers. Planning on traveling to Spain and don’t want to scroll down the page to find Spain? Simply click on the country name in this drop down and you’ll be taken right to that section of the individual hotel bonus points listing.

The last three buttons in this sub menu are pretty much self explanatory:

  • Credit Card Offers will take you the Marriott co-brand Credit Card offers
  • Partner Offers will take you the section of bonus points for Marriott Bonvoy partners such as Hertz
  • Airline Mileage Offers will take you to bonus offers for airline partners of Marriott Bonvoy for those program members who choose to earn miles over points.

Examples of Worldwide / Regional Offers

You’ll notice we have links to every offer so when you find one that you think will work for you you can simply click on it to be taken directly to that offer on the Marriott (or partner) website.


Examples of deals & discounted offers, buy points offers and dining offers:

Examples of country specific offers

You’ll notice the Country Specific section lists offers by city to make it easier to find potential bonuses for a city or region you may be planning to travel to.

The U.S. is further broken down by state:

TIP: Individual stay bonus offers may actually be cheaper or more expensive than the best available rates at those hotels. Always do your due diligence and check to see if there are any differences in price between the bonus points offer rate and other rates. In our experience most of the Individual stay bonuses price the same or slightly higher than the Member Rate Flexible but in many cases the bonus points provide more value than the slightly higher price differential.

Example of Credit Card offers:


And that our guide to the most popular page on FFB!


Click here to visit the Marriott Bonvoy – Bonus Point Offers & Deals page


(With most of the pages following this same format on the site you can use this as guide for the other programs as well!)

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