Up to a 50% bonus when you buy Copa Airlines ConnectMiles

Copa Airlines is now frequently offering bonuses or discounts on buying their ConnectMiles and they just brought out a new offer this week. Right now you can buy miles with up to a 50% bonus until late in January. If you buy miles with a 50% bonus the miles come in at 2 cents (US$) each. This is slightly higher than the 1.8 cents seen at Black Friday when they had a 40% discount.

Offer details:
Up to a 50% Bonus ConnectMiles when you 3,000 or more miles. Until Jan 21, 22 Click here to buy ConnectMiles.
Buy 3,000 miles and get 30% more
Buy 5,000 miles and get 40%
Buy 10,000 miles and get 50% more

You can buy up to 100,000 miles in a single transaction so you would end up receiving 150,000 miles for US$3,000. And if you are in Canada like I am you’ll have to pay GST/HST as well.

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