New Best Western Elite Offers – $20 Best Western Gift Card per night or 5,000 bonus points per night (Targeted offer)

Best Western is emailing select elite members with targeted offers for stays at their hotels this Summer. Each member who gets the email will be able to choose their reward. That reward is a $20 Best Western Gift Card for each night you stay for up to 5 nights in total (they do not have to be consecutive) or 5,000 bonus points per night for up to 3 nights (again they do not have to be consecutive) On top of this both offers award 5,000 bonus points after every 5 nights completed with no limit on those. So if you stay 15 nights you’ll get 15,000 bonus points plus either 5 $20 Gift Cards or another 15,000 bonus points.

The gift card offer is definitely richer in value however those gift cards expire on November 30, 2021 so you should only go for that offer if you know you’ll use them up by then. The safe route if you don’t know where and when your future travels will take you is to take the bonus points offer.

You do have to register for either offer by May 16 and then stay at Best Western in Canada, the U.S. or the Caribbean between May 17 and September 6 to earn the bonuses. As already mentioned this is a targeted offer you should find in your email but if for some reason you haven’t seen it you can try registering via these links:

$20 Gift Card Offer: Register & Book Here

5,000 Bonus Points Offer: Register & Book Here

Here are some more BWR offers to check out:

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