100% bonus when you buy Radisson Rewards points until June 30 with annual limit increased to 120K points

I have been waiting for this one – not to buy myself but in terms of so many other airline and hotel chains having offered buy miles and points bonuses over the past few months I figured it was only time before Radisson did so as well. Now they have revealed an offer for this month and the offer is their usual one at 100% bonus points. Good news is they have also provided a boost to the limit of the number of points you can buy annually to 120,000 points from 80,000. This means you can buy 240,000 points for US$840:

At that amount you are paying 0.35 cents per point which is the mid-point of what most people place their point value at for the program. There are definitely opportunities where you can exceed that 0.35 cents per point when you redeem at some of the higher end or more expensive hotels.

Offer details:
100% Bonus Radisson Rewards Points when you buy points. Buy points here. Until Jun 30, 20

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