Wyndham Rewards: 40% bonus when you buy points (Until May 11, 20)

Of course a day after we post our buy miles & points bonus offer summary another new offer comes out! This time we see a bonus from Wyndham Rewards and it is only the second time the program has ever offered a bonus on buying their points.  The first time was at the beginning of this year. Not only that they have also increased the limit on the number of points you can buy to 45,000 points annually.  With the bonus you are buying points at 0.928 cents each. A rate that falls kind of in the middle of being a good deal and a bad deal. There are definitely opportunities to be had buying at this rate but do your due diligence first.

Offer details:
40% Bonus when you buy Wyndham Rewards Points. Buy points here. Until May 11, 20


HT Frequent Miler

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