Best Western Rewards members receive a US$20 Gift Card after one stay this summer (Elite members may earn more)

Best Western’s Rewards Rush has returned offering a $20 Travel Card on your first stay this summer with Best Western. Most members are limited to earning only one card during the promotion unless specifically targeted for more (see below for details). A reminder that the gift card will expire 120 days after issue so hopefully you’ll be able to use it or them after you complete your stays! Also the gift card is issued in the currency of your main residence if you reside in the U.S., Canada, UK or Europe (USD, CAD, GBP, or EUR) at the equivalent rate of USD20. Outside of those countries you’ll be issued a gift card in USD.

Offer details:
Receive a $20 Best Western Gift Card when you complete your next stay at a Best Western Hotel Worldwide. Full details, online registration and booking. (Registration is required) Until Sep 2, 2019

Elite members may get an email offering more than one gift card.  Personally as a Diamond member they offer up to 10 of the gift cards:

Let us know what offer you got if you are a BW Elite member!

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