Air Canada Earn Your Wings 6th Edition – AC Altitude members can earn thousands of bonus Aeroplan Miles

Today the 6th Edition of Air Canada’s Earn Your Wings launched and
like the previous three editions, it is strictly for Air Canada Altitude

This edition runs similar to the past three as well. Like last year,
this year’s offer only awards badges for
flying and badges equate to Wings which are the currency for this
promotion. Compared to previous this year’s Earn Your Wings has many
more airports where you can earn badges! A total of 94 airports are
available with higher amount of wings compared to 79 in 2016 and the 67
seen in 2015. Of course 3 of Air Canada’s biggest airports aren’t
included and those are Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto – that would be
too easy but you’ll still get 100 wings for take off and landings here. 
Montreal is bonus destination badge so that should be a really easy
badge to grab.

Your first 500 Wings are super easy as they are awarded just for registering for Earn Your Wings.

Here are all the methods to receive wings with EYW:

  • Earn 500 Wings simply for registering
  • Earn a minimum of 100 Wings for every takeoff and for
    every landing on any Air Canada flight (including flights operated under
    the Air Canada Express brand) and Air Canada Rouge. This translates to
    a minimum of 200 Wings per flight segment. There are 94 airports that
    will earn a higher amount of Wings for every takeoff and every landing.
    Refer to the list of cities that will earn Destination badges and Super Destination badges.
  • Earn extra Wings by collecting badges (see Collect Badges).
  • Finish in the Top 10 and earn your equal share of
    10,000,000 Bonus Aeroplan Miles. Finish between positions 11–30 and
    you’ll earn your equal share of another 10,000,000 Bonus Aeroplan Miles.
    Finish between positions 31 and 50 and earn an equal share of 1,000
    eUpgrade Credits.
  • For complete Terms and Conditions, click here.

To participate in Earn Your Wings you must be an Air Canada Altitude member and register online at:
by Oct 11th. Flights booked between Sep 7 and Oct 11th that
are completed by Dec 11th will count towards earning your wings.

Here are just a few of the badges that you can earn additional Wings with

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