Convert Diners Club Club Rewards Points to British Airways Executive Club Avios and receive a 50% bonus

here is an offer I may take advantage of towards the end of September.
This one is for those select few of us who have held onto to our Diners Club Mastercards
as the card isn’t technically available for new applications. Right now
through to the end of September any Diners Club cardholder that
transfers Club Rewards points to British Airways Executive Club will
receive a 50% bonus on those transfers. This bonus is for U.S. and Canadian Club Rewards members which means U.S. members will get 1,500 Avios for 1,000 Club Rewards points with this bonus while Canadian members will receive 1,500 Avios for 1,250 Club Rewards Points.

Offer details:
50% Bonus Avios when you convert Diners Club Club Rewards points to British Airways Executive Club. Until Sep 30, 17
U.S. members click here
Canadian members click here

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