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Hainan Airlines and Hong Kong Airlines Fortune Wings have brought back their elite status match challenge that we saw in 2016.
You will need to complete flights on Hainan Airlines (or any of their
subsidiary airlines) or even Alaska Airlines to earn status faster than
if you don’t take part in the challenge. What is interesting, is that
you may not have to hold status with another airline but hold ‘status’
with a credit card. How that works exactly is unknown, if you have a
Platinum, Infinite, World Elite, Signature credit card does that mean
your eligible? It does appear that way! Or does it mean airline status you’ve earned via a credit
card? The terms don’t clarify this. The Alaska Airlines component is
awesome which means you don’t even have to set foot in China, you could
funnel your Alaska Airlines flights to Fortune Wings for this challenge.

Anyways you’ll need to email Fortune Wings stating you want to do the challenge and tell them what level you want to achieve:

As you can see you’ll have a little over 3 months from the day you want
to start the challenge (you can specify the date) to complete the flight
requirements. To compare, without the challenge you would need 50,000
points or 40 qualifying flight sectors for Gold or 30,000 points or 20
qualifying flight sectors for silver.

Offer details:
Fortune Wings Status Match Challenge – If you currently hold elite
status on any other airline or airline alliance, with a platinum or
higher elite credit card status on bank, you can participate in the
Fortune Wings Club Elite Challenge to earn Fortune Wings Club elite
(VIP) status. You will also receive a boutique gift when you complete
the challenge! Full details Until Dec 31, 17

The Challenge period
Gold Level Challenge
Silver Level Challenge
100 days
12 base segments or 15,000 base points
6 base segments or 9,000 base points

Here are details on how you apply for the challenge:

Terms & Conditions:
1. A member who applies for this Challenge must have a currently valid
elite status (silver or equivalent) or higher membership level on other
airline/airline alliance/credit card VIP cards.
2. Members cannot start the challenge before the date of application,
and the application cannot be cancelled. Members can only apply for a
challenge again after the challenge period.
3. Members who have participated in the challenges in 2015 and 2016 and
successfully upgraded cannot participate in the challenge this year.
The members who successfully upgrade in this challenge cannot
participate in it again within two years.
4. The Elite Gold challengers need to confirm whether they are willing
to upgrade to the Elite Silver in case of failing the challenge during
application. If yes, they will be upgraded to the Elite Silver after the
challenge period in case they fail the Elite Gold challenge but are
qualified for the Elite Silver challenge. Otherwise, it will be
considered as failure by default and members may apply for the challenge
5. It is not real-time upgrade after reaching the standard. Members can
enjoy their corresponding VIP privileges after the successful upgrade,
and meanwhile their original membership level will become void
6. The validity of gold or silver card elite status earned in the
Challenge is from the month the card was issued until the following
month of the second year.. Members may keep their elite status if they
achieve the qualified mileage requirement within the validity period of
the elite card.
7. Elite members who upgrade via the challenge will not enjoy the Seat
Upgrade Coupon when level achieved or maintained, and Points Over-draft
privilege, that elite members who upgrade normally enjoy.
8. The 50% OFF domestic electronic upgrade coupon will be used only to
domestic HU/CN operated flights and is valid for six months from the
date it is posted into your account. Please consult hotline950717 for
specific usage regulations.
9. Please check your account periodically to ensure you are credited
with flights flown. Missing mileage should be claimed promptly as it
will be used to determine your qualification to elite status.
10. According to this policy, only members themselves can apply for the
challenge, and the recommenders cannot replace members. The materials
of recommendation must be provided during the application process, which
cannot be submitted afterwards. The recommenders’reward for their
recommendation will be issued to them after the successful upgrade of
the challengers. 

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