Hilton HHonors – 80% Bonus when buying HHonors Points until February 8 (~5.6 cents per point)

Back in January Hilton released a targeted bonus of up to an 80% bonus when you buy points that runs until February 9th but as of yesterday they made that offer a straight 80% that isn’t targeted, this is open to all members who buy points right up to the end of the day on February 8th. 80% is a really good bonus, not as good at the 100% we saw last spring but still buying at this rate of about 5.6 cents per point can be beneficial as you can you pull out value of 8 cents or more on certain
redemptions (check out Loyalty Travelers
evaluation here!).

Offer Details
80% Bonus HHonors Points when you buy points online. Full details. Until Feb 8, 16

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