American AAdvantage Passport Challenge on Facebook – Up to 1,300 Free Miles + Flight Bonuses

American Airlines launched a promotion called the American AAdvantage Passport Challenge on Facebook last week whereby AAdvantage members can earn up to 1,300 Miles for free by completing several tasks and then earn additional miles for completing American Airlines flights. The promotion is only open to those who live in the 50 U.S. States and District of Columbia but it doesn’t hurt for those outside of the U.S. to try to earn the miles. The offer runs until May 23, 14. You can access the promotion here.

Here is a breakdown of the badges with their associated tasks and the number miles you’ll earn:

Learn and Earn Badges

Be Social and Earn Badges

Fly and earn badges (you’ll earn 50 AAdvantage Miles for each one trivia questions associated with each of these badges

Bonus Badges

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