Voila Hotel Rewards: 250 Free VHR Points as a Christmas Bonus!

Just the other day we posted a general piece about Holiday Bonuses and how you can’t count on a bonus from your employer but you can count on bonus miles and points from loyalty programs. Well here is one that takes the term ‘Holiday Bonus’ to a new level. Voila Hotel Rewards is simply giving any member who registers a 250 point bonus as a holiday bonus!

Here is the offer as it will appear on our VHR Bonus Points page later today:

250 Bonus VHR Points as a holiday bonus for being a Voila Hotel Rewards member! Register Online (Registration is required) Until Dec 31, 13

Can’t make use of this promotion? Be sure to visit our VHR Bonus Points page for dozens of other flight, hotel, car rental and other point bonuses!

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