1,000 Free HHonors Points for joining HHonors via this Aeroflot promotion

Much like last fall, Hilton’s Q2 Airline Bonuses are individualized rather than being a match for their own systemwide offer (ie Q1’s Double Points or Miles). I have them all summarized in this post which includes this latest offer just added this morning. This one is for Aeroflot Bonus members but has an HHonors component whereby if you are not a member of Hilton’s program yet you will get 1,000 HHonors points for joining via the registration link. You can always change your airline earning preference from Aeroflot to another airline after you completed your registration. Here is the offer as it appeared on my Aeroflot Bonus  page later today:

Earn up to 6,000 Extra Bonus Miles + 1,000
HHonors Bonus Points
for stays
at Hilton Hotels
Receive 1,000 bonus miles for you first and second stay, and an
additional 2,000 miles for the third and fourth stays. Plus if you
are not an HHonors member and join via this promotion you will earn
1,000 bonus HHonors points.
Full Details, Online Registration and Booking Until Jul 31, 13


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