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You may recall that not too long along we starting tracking discounted award/reward offers from all the various travel reward programs (see this FFB page for a summary) and in the past week two airlines have come out with some really great promotions on their reward tickets. Alitalia’s applies right to your first booking while Etihad’s requires you to redeem for 5 tickets, either way both offers are well worth taking advantage of:

Alitlia MilleMiglia
AZ’s offer will provide MilleMiglia members with a 40% MilleMiglia bonus on each reward ticket that is redeemed for. That is, if you redeem for an economy class ticket between New York and Milan for 50,000 MilleMiglia miles, they will provide you with 20,000 bonus miles afterwards. This offer is good on all standard reward tickets in all booking classes, so the higher the redemption value the higher the bonus. This offer runs until June 30, 11. For complete details please see here.

Etihad Guest
Etihad’s offer also provides members with bonus miles after redemption but in EY’s case you have to complete 5 reward ticket redemptions. All five redemptions do not have to take place at the same time but all have to be booked by July 31. Once you have completed all 5 bookings, Etihad will award you with bonus miles equivalent to the lowest value booking out of your 5 redemptions. to make the most of this offer you will want to try to go for some bigger redemptions to ensure a bigger bonus is returned to you, nonetheless whatever route you go you will end up with enough miles for another redemption at that lowest level.

For Example: you redeem for 4 business class tickets between North America and Abu Dhabi at 140,000 miles each but then redeem your 5th one for economy class for 70,000 miles, your bonus would be 70,000 miles or enough for another economy class ticket from North America to Abu Dhabi.

Full details and registration for this promotion can be found here.

You may ask why offer bonus miles on redemptions? Why not just discount the reward ticket as that would be easier? The primary reason is that with a discount there is no guarantee you may come back to fly that airline and use their FFP again. By offering you bonus miles after the fact you are being encouraged to continue using that FFP and its partners to earn more miles within the program. In fact promos like these kill two birds with one stone, they promote redemption and lower mileage balances on the FFP’s books while potentially keeping the member active in the program.

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