Bonus Offer Highlight June 8: British Airways

A big day for updates on FFB today with well over 50 new bonus offers posted to 19 different airline and hotel programs, some of which are great offers (ie US Airways 100% bonus miles for buying Dividend Miles) but none are as big as this one for Open Skies flights out of Paris:

British Airways Executive Club
Earn up to 225,000 Bonus BA Miles when you fly round trip on Open Skies between Paris Orly and Washington DC. Earn 75,000 bonus miles per flight up to a maximum of 3 flights. Full Details, Online Registration & Booking (Registration is required) Until Jun 30, 11
* For Residents of continental Europe Only
* Valid in Biz Bed (J,C,D,R,I) and Biz Seat ( L,O,V,E,Q,S,H,W,M)

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