40% Discount for buying Etihad Guest miles – use to plan future travel like Prague-Seoul in business class for only US$312

Etihad Guest is the latest airline loyalty program to launch a buy miles offer in an attempt to boost some much needed cash flow. Until April 7 you can buy miles with a 40% discount which translates to a per mile cost of US 1.2 cents. Redeeming miles on Etihad tends to be an expensive proposition, for example, to redeem for Business Class round trip between Toronto and Abu Dhabi costs just over 200,000 Guest Miles. However Etihad does have a lot of partner airlines where using their miles can make sense. One of those sweet spots is redeeming Etihad Guest miles to fly on Czech Airlines between Prague and Seoul. The redemption amount is ridiculously low – only 25,610 miles for business class one way. So just over 51,000 miles round trip if needed.

With this 40% discount on buying Etihad Guest miles you can get that one way trip in business class for only US$312 (+GST/HST if you live in Canada)

This is an unbelievable deal to be able to fly in business class – yes Czech Airlines business isn’t the same as Etihad’s  to fly this route in business class for as little as $312 is amazing. Of course you would be buying the miles speculatively as Czech Airlines isn’t flying right now nor is Etihad and most flights EY’s partners offer aren’t in the air either. The good news is that Etihad states right on the buy miles page that any miles bought are valid for a minimum of two years so it will give you some time to plan some potentially amazing trips. This is definitely one of the better speculative offers out in the market right now.

Offer details:
40% Discount when you buy 1,000 or more Etihad Guest Miles. Buy miles here. Until Apr 7, 20

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  1. I think the PRG-ICN (or vice versa) sweet spot is dead.

    Since Nov 2019 up to Feb 2020 (before the virus hit), I was trying to look for Oct 2020 availability but I could only see availability up to early Jul 2020.

    Normally they release 2 business class seats and 3 economy, but 0 seats from mid July onwards. (this was before all the flight cancelations worldwide).

    Anyone else have experience with this?

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