Has the price to buy Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles been increased?

As I wrote the post last week for the latest Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan buy miles bonus of 40% something caught my eye. The price to buy miles had gone up. Typically at 40% the price to buy is 2.11 cents per mile, however in my case it was 2.15 cents per mile. Case in point, here is a screen shot from the 40% bonus from March of 2019 to buy 50,000 miles:

and a screen shot from today for the same offer:

As you can see the cost right now  is $1507.69 versus $1478.13 nearly a year ago. This matches the 2.15 cents now that I mentioned last week versus the 2.11 cents from last year. Now when I’ve read other bloggers writing about the current deal they are all showing lower pricing still at 2.11 cents and thought to myself why? Are they just taking old screen shots for the current post and didn’t catch the price increase? Or is it just happening to me? Or a select few of us?  I thought maybe Points.com was adding the GST since I am based in Canada but the increase isn’t the 5% I would be charged, it’s less than that.

I am at a loss as to why the price is different. I would love to hear from our readers to see what pricing they are getting and if you might know why this is the case?



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