Club TAP Miles&Go – Subscribe to receive redeemable and status miles on a monthly basis and even Silver elite status

TAP Portugal’s frequent flyer program, Miles&Go has a paid subscription program called Club TAP Miles&Go. When you subscribe to this  ‘club’ you will receive bonus redeemable and status miles on a monthly basis for as long you pay the dues. There are four levels of Club TAP Miles&Go with each successive level offering more miles and more benefits at a higher cost of course. Choose to go for Club TAP Miles&Go Platinum level you will have to spend 718EUR per year but you will get 12,ooo miles when you join the club followed by 400 status miles and 8,000 redeemable miles awarded to you per month plus you will receive Sliver Elite status in the Miles&Go program. On top of all that you’ll receive 25% bonus miles on all TAP flights you take (up to 10,000 extra miles per year). Finally if you choose to renew after one year you’ll get a renewal bonus of 24,000 miles. That’s a lot to consider!

Learn more about TAP Club Miles&Go here

Here are all the levels you can subscribe to and their respective benefits:


It is possible to parlay the Silver Elite status from buying the Platinum package to elite status with other airlines. We recommend checking  out our Elite Status offer page for status match opportunities or visiting for even more detailed status match offers and results.

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