The new Chase Aeroplan Card waitlist offer now includes eUpgrade credits & bonus points

Early on in August we let you know about the waitlist offer for the new and upcoming Chase Aeroplan Card. That offer provides a 10,000 Aeroplan point bonus to anyone who joins the waitlist, applies for and is approved for the card when it is launched. Well, Chase and Aeroplan just upped the ante on the card waitlist offer by adding 10 eUpgrade credits to the offer. So anyone who is already on the list or joins the list by November 8 will be eligible to get an additional 10,000 Aeroplan points and 10 eUpgrade credits when they get the card.

Air Canada teased us with a detail that these eUpgrades “will be particularly useful when combined with the benefits that come with the card.” We are definitely curious to see what those benefits will be… perhaps cardholders will receive a cash discount in Air Canada tickets which combined with eUpgrades would make flying in those premium cabins much cheaper? We should know soon enough as the deadline to join the waitlist is November 8 and anyone on the waitlist will need to apply by Feb 15, 2022 to receive the bonus points and eUpgrades. If I was to wager a guess we’ll see the new Chase Aeroplan card revealed no later than November 15. Just a guess though!

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With the recent status match offer for U.S. residents that requires a flight on Air Canada and now the addition of these eUpgrade credits to their upcoming card you can see the airline is really trying hard to get U.S. residents to fly with them and chose them over U.S. and international carriers for international travel.

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