IHG Rewards Club – 75% bonus when you buy points until October 11

IHG Rewards Club is once again running a buy points bonus! This time it is a flat rate 75% bonus that runs until October 11, 2020. Unless you really need the points I would wait until the next 100% bonus offer instead of taking advantage of this one as IHG does offer that higher 100% bonus quite often.

With this promotion if you go ahead and buy the maximum 150,000 points (262,500 total with bonus) it will cost you US$1,500.  This means each point comes out at US$ 0.57 cents compared to 0.50 cents when it is a 100% bonus.

Offer details:
75% Bonus IHG Rewards Club points when you buy 3,000 or more points. Buy points here. Until Oct 11, 20

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