Hilton Honors: Earn up 7,500 Bonus Points for two stays Worldwide

This offer is making its rounds on all the blogs right now as it is a great bonus! First appearing on Loyalty Lobby this new Hilton Honors bonus states it is targeted but it is being openly advertised by Hilton on Facebook and other sites so in all likelihood it isn’t actually a targeted offer. No matter what you should register for it and if you were planning Hilton stays anyways and don’t get the points you are no worse for wear but if you do get the points those stays just got that much better!

Offer details:
Earn up to 7,500 Bonus Honors points for stays at any Hilton Hotels and Resorts Worldwide. Earn 2,500 points on your first stay and 5,000 bonus points on your second stay. Full details, online registration & booking. (Registration is required) Until Jan 31, 20

You can also tie this offer into the current Hilton system wide bonus that runs until September 8:

Double Honors points + additional bonus points on every stay starting on your second stay at Hilton Hotels Worldwide.   Full details, online registration and booking (Registration is required)  Until Sep 8.
Plus earn additional bonus points as follows:
10,000 Bonus Points on your 10th stay
15,000 Bonus Points on your 15th stay
20,000 Bonus Points on your 20th Stay

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