Promo code to save 5% on TAP Air Portugal flights – includes business class

FFB has partnered with TAP Air Portugal and we have a promo code that you can use if you are planning to book any flights with them. That promo code, TAP5FLY3007 saves you up to 5% on all fare classes except for the lowest economy fare called Discount. That means Economy Basic and up are eligible for the promo code. The code is only valid for departures from the U.S., the U.K. or Brazil to anywhere TAP Air Portugal flies. The promo code expires July 31 so you must book using it by then but there are no black out dates our restrictions on flight dates, times etc.

Book this offer here

(this link has the voucher code embedded for you)

or be sure to add promo code TAP5FLY3007 during the booking process when you book online at

Here’s the code in action for New York to Madrid in Business Class on TAP’s A330neo aircraft:

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