Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Why you may want to credit expensive or long term Hertz rentals to Flying Blue

In February Air France KLM's Flying Blue changed their earn rate for Hertz car rentals. No longer is it a flat rate of miles per rental but it has moved to a revenue based format. That is you'll earn 5 Flying Blue Miles per Euro spent on each Hertz rental (or converted currency equivalent).

This is not good news for those short one day rentals that may not cost very much but it could prove to be very lucrative if you rent for long periods of time or rent expensive vehicles like SUV's and premium cars.

For example if you have a week long rental that costs about 600EUR you'll earn 3,000 base Flying Blue Miles. Under the old earn rate you would have only earned 800 miles. Compare this to many other programs that only offer 250/500 miles per rental or 50 miles per day of rental and you can quickly see why you may want to credit Hertz rentals to Flying Blue. Remember though, to keep Flying Blue miles current you must fly Air France, KLM or SkyTeam once every 2 years.  Find out more about Flying Blue Hertz rentals here.

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