Monday, June 13, 2016

FFB resources you should bookmark and always keep an eye on!

As many of you can attest, is a huge website in terms of the number of pages we have on the site to ensure proper coverage of all types of promotions from over 160 Airline, Hotel, Car Rental and other programs. Certain pages are summaries or compilations of offers that are posted to each of the individual program bonus pages and it is these summary pages that you should always keep an eye on. For those of you who are new to the FFB world or even if you have followed us for years but forgot where these pages were or have never heard of them, here they are. I hope they help you like they have me and many other FFB users in ensuring that you earn more Miles more Points more Rewards (the unofficial FFB motto!)

FFB Route Bonus Listing (
A complete list of all the airline bonus offers for flights/routes that are on FFB. Nowhere else on the Internet will you get a more up to date and near-complete listing of flight bonuses. On any given day you will find anywhere from 300 to 700+ offers on the page. 

FFB Car Rental Bonus Offer Listing (
Much like the route bonus above, this table lists all the car rental bonuses we have posted onto FFB for the various airline, hotel and car rental programs. It's sorted by Car Rental company first and then by airline. Much like the route bonus listing this page should be visited before you are planning any car rental bookings to ensure you  are not missing out any bonuses. 

FFB Elite Status Bonus Mile and Point Offers (
Looking for status matches or flight, hotel and other offers that award status miles or points? That's what this FFB page for. Once again it pulls offers from across the entire FFB site into one page that offer some sort of Elite Status Bonus.

FFB Buy, Gift, Transfer Mile and Point Bonus Opportunities (
The number of buy, gift and transfer bonus offers has skyrocketed in the last three or so years as the programs fully discovered the value of selling their loyalty currencies. On this page I try to capture all these offers and update it as each new one gets added to FFB.

FFB Discounted Mile and Point Redemption Offers (
What's better than redeeming your miles for a flight? Getting a discount on that redemption! This page covers any discounted rewards that we list on FFB, I know that there are many more than what is currently on the page but my plans are to provide more coverage to discounted rewards in 2013 so this page should expand greatly as the weeks go by.

FFB Free Mile and Point  Offers (
Free miles are the best. Granted you usually can't get very many miles or points that come at no cost (credit cards excluded) but they are very worthwhile nonetheless. Who knows when that 500 free miles offer will get you over the hump to an award flight or just happen to keep your account active when it may be expiring due to lack of activity!

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