Air France KLM Flying Blue – Up to a 50% Bonus when buying miles and an example of how it can save you money

Air France KLM’s Flying Blue is once again offering a bonus on buying their miles. Usually buying FB miles isn’t a great proposition but if you can tie in buying them with one of their discounted promo awards offering up to 50% off award tickets you may just be able to out some value from this promotion.

Offer Details
Earn up to 50% Bonus Flying Blue Miles when you buy miles online.  Full details. Until Nov 6, 15 

  • 2,000 Award Miles – 10% Bonus
  • 4,000 to 8,000 Award Miles – 20% Bonus
  • 10,000 to 28,000 Award Miles – 30% Bonus
  • 30,000+ Award Miles – 50% Bonus


Here is an example of this buy miles bonus saving you some money:

You can buy 96,000 miles for EUR 1760. Those 96,000 miles will be enough to redeem for a discounted business class award ticket between Montreal or Vancouver and Europe (with a few miles to spare).

Looking at Jan 7-14, 2016 in business class you can get the discounted rate between YVR & CDG for 93,750 miles and C$719.84 in taxes and fees. To buy the miles will cost C$2680.59 (including 5% GST) and add in the taxes and fees on the award flight of C$719.84 for a total of C$3,400.43.

To buy the same tickets outright costs C$4,825.30. As you can see buying the miles can provide you a savings of over C$1,400 on these particular flights!

If you don’t live in Canada those miles will only cost you about C$2,553 saving an additional $125 or so. And the discount for these Flying Blue tickets is only 25% at this time, sometimes its 50% off so your savings could be even bigger.

Find many more Flying Blue bonus offers here!

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