Best Western Rewards 2016 Program Changes – Moving to dynamic award night pricing, changes to elite levels and no more expiration

Best Western is rolling out the news of the changes to their Rewards program that will take place on January 1, 2016. The major new points are the elimination of the points expiry rule of 13 months of no activity, the addition of a fourth elite status level called Diamond Select and gone is the same price award night levels as the program moves to dynamic pricing based on the season and availability of rooms at each hotel. This will mean that during slow periods award nights may cost less than they do now however during peak seasons those award nights may cost more than they do now. Overall this should mean more award night rooms are available but of course in most cases it will mean that it will cost you more points than the current iteration of the program

Here is BW’s example:


Low Season
High Season

The changes to the Elite status levels of BW Rewards see the addition of a fourth top tie level called Diamond Select. This level will require 50+ nights or 40+ stays or 50,000 base points from stays to achieve. This new level will receive 50% elite bonus points on each stay once achieved.
Current Elite

2016 Elite Levels:

All Platinum and higher levels including Diamond Seleect can receive room upgrades depending on availability however at this time we don’t know what other benefits will come with Diamond Select other than the 50% bonus points.

Apparently you will be able to earn points on more rates with BW. We do know the excluded rates are as follows:

 As we learn more details of the changes we’ll be sure to let you all know! In the mean time feel free to comment below to let us know what you think of the changes that we know so far!

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