Avianca LifeMiles – Double Miles when transfering miles between accounts (essentially buy miles at 1.8 cents)

It has been sometime since we have seen a bonus from Avianca in terms of buying/gifting/transferring miles. Well now we have one, for two weeks only and it is double miles bonus for transferring miles! Avianca charges $15 per 1,000 miles transferred and you can transfer a maximum of 75,000 miles out of an account per year. This means the cost to transfer 75,000 miles is $1,125 and the account that receives them will receive 75,000 miles on top of that. That 75,000 miles for $1,125 equates to 1.5 cents per mile (about 1.8 with taxes/fees) And there is nothing stopping you from transferring 75,000 miles back to the original account to earn the bonus again. So account one will end up with 150,000 miles and account two with 75,000 miles.

Offer details
Double LifeMiles when you transfer miles from one LifeMiles account to another. Maximum of 75,000 miles can be transferred per year. Full details Until Feb 16, 15

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