LAST DAY: Up to 45,000 Bonus Miles when you buy or gift Dividend Miles

Today is the last day to take advantage of the current Dividend Miles buy or gift miles bonus. This offer has declined in value as the transition to AAdvantage has come closer. In fact this offer is an exact duplicate of the current American AAdvantage buy/gift miles bonus. With the two programs becoming one in only a few months it is highly unlikely we’ll ever see the great 100% bonus on buying Dividend Miles again (unless they have one last hurrah just before integration!)

Earn up to 45,000 Bonus Dividend Miles when you buy or gift Dividend Miles online. Full details
10,000-19,000 miles = 3,000 more bonus miles
20,000-29,000 miles = 6,000 more bonus miles
30,000-39,000 miles = 10,000 more bonus miles
40,000-49,000 miles = 15,000 more bonus miles
50,000-59,000 miles = 20,000 more bonus miles
60,000-69,000 miles = 30,000 more bonus miles
70,000-79,000 miles = 35,000 more bonus miles
80,000 miles = 45,000 more bonus miles

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