Possible Instant GarudaMiles Elite Status? – Visit the Garuda Indonesia Travel Fair 2014 Samarinda by Nov 23

This may just be one of the easiest ways we have to seen earn status if we read it correctly. That being said it is only easy if you are going to be in the Samarinda region by November 23rd. Garuda Indonesia is having a travel fair there and it appears that you can receive Instant GarudaMiles Elite Status just by visiting the fair.

However the wording is a bit vague on the promotion, they state instant but then underneath the chart you see above they have the following:

members will receive one coupon for every total transaction of IDR
5,000,000 in GATF 2014 KALIMANTAN, and one lucky winner will be randomly
picked at the end of each exhibition day.

Get the best travel deals available and win your tier upgrade only at GATF 2014 KALIMANTAN.
So is it instant status or is it a draw for instant status for only one person per day? Hard to say and with it only lasting three days I’m not sure we would get a response back in time to clarify? So if and just if any FFB readers are in the area and visit the fair we would love to have you get back to us with a clarification from them!

Here is the offer as found on Garuda’s website.

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