Introducing the revamped (FFB UK)

If you have been following Frequent Flyer Bonuses for at least a few years you’ll have known that beyond our global .com website we also ran a version of the site for U.K. residents. The site launched in February of 2008 and was essentially a cut and paste model of the global site with offers not available to U.K. residents filtered out. It fell into disrepair after we revamped the global site in May 2013 and we stopped updating the UK site (and our German site for that matter).

We are now excited to let you know that we revamped and relaunched the site a couple of weeks ago and is now being updated frequently. We changed the style and format as we figured why duplicate the bonus offer pages off the main FFB site onto FFB UK. Instead FFB UK has now moved to a blog format and will feature posts about pertinent bonuses for residents of the U.K. in addition to select loyalty program news (or as they call it in the U.K. loyalty scheme news) and travel deals. We hope you enjoy the new U.K. site and as always we are open to suggestions, comments, questions and more. Feel free to let us know either via the FFB blog or via FFB U.K.!

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The old FFB UK:

The new FFB UK:

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