Finnair: Up to a 40% Bonus when you buy Plus Points online

When it comes to offering bonuses on buying points you can count on the usual suspects like America, US Airways, Alitalia, Air France KLM and others to have some sort of offer encouraging you to buy miles or points but sometimes we get airlines who aren’t known for offering a bonus. That is the case here as Finnair now has a promotion for buying their Plus points. To earn the highest bonus in this tiered promotion you have to buy the maximum of 40,000 points. This means you’ll get a 16,000 point bonus. If you have already bought Finnair Plus points this year, don’t worry: “To start off the campaign, we have reset the point purchase limits for all Finnair Plus members – this means you can make the most of this limited time offer even if you have already purchased the maximum amount of award points this year. “

Offer Details
Earn up to 40% Bonus Plus Points when when you buy points online. Full details Until Nov 28, 14
Buy 6,000–15,000 points = 15% bonus
Buy 16,000–25,000 points = 25% bonus
Buy 26,000–39,000 points = 35% bonus
Buy 40,000 points = 40% bonus

Be sure to visit our Finnair Plus points bonus offer page for more bonuses!

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