Monday, November 24, 2014

FFB News Round Up - LANPASS Accumulation changes, Expedia Canada launches their own loyalty program

LoungeBuddy now allows in-app purchases for lounge passes. Initially it is being offered for 13 lounges in the U.K. and access to various business class lounges Worldwide should be rolled out soon. (Source: Tnooz)

Lan Airlines LANPASS is changing the amount of kilometers earned in some fare classes on International flights. Their base plus economy class fares drop from 100% of mileage flown to 75% while Premium Business goes uip to 150% from 125%. While Base fares (the lowest economy class) sees a drop from 100% to 50% on long haul routes. Not surprising to see these, most airlines award at least that amount in business class if not more while many also don't award the full amount in lower economy class fares so LAN is essentially aligning themselves with their competition although that Base class cut to 50% from 100% on long haul flights is a pretty big hit. (Source: ThePointsGuy


Expedia's Canadian branch, has launched their own loyalty program called Expedia+. The program looks likes and runs much like the U.S. version (in fact the Expedia+ page on .ca is pretty much the same as the Expedia+ Rewards page on .com, the only difference is the C in front of the Dollar Signs and the U.S.'s ability to donate points to St. Jude Hospital!) (Source:


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