Kaligo, the latest entrant in awarding miles via a third party hotel booking site

Based out of Singapore, Kaligo.com is a new competitor to likes of PointsHound.com and Rocketmiles.com. This start up looks and feel likes it competitors and seems to work on the exact same premise. They are a third party hotel booking site that awards miles from various loyalty programs for those bookings once the stay is completed. You can tell they are quite new as Kaligo’s roster of loyalty partners is small compared to the other two established sites. Right now Kaligo only offers miles with American AAdvantage, Cathay Pacific Asia Miles and US Airways Dividend Miles.

We became aware of Kaligo via Cathay Pacific as they are running a bonus for Kaligo bookings (as taken from our Asia Miles bonus miles page):

Earn up to 10,000 Bonus Asia Miles when you
book hotels via Kaligo. Earn 2,000 Bonus Asia Miles when you register
and book for the first time at any of their 300,000 hotels. Plus, earn
an additional 8,000 Bonus Asia Miles if you book eight or more room
nights. Full details Until Jan 31, 15

Now that there are three companies vying for your bookings in this space we thought we would do some comparisons between them all. Since American AAdvantage and US Airways are the only program that all three services partner with choose to compare AAdvantage earning across all three in our home city of Calgary for stays at the Hotel Germain, a boutique hotel that does not participate in any loyalty programs:




Looking at this quick comparison you can see that Rocketmiles is the clear winner with the best price and the most miles awarded for this stay but this is not always the case.

Update: Thanks to DoctorOfCredit for pointing out that Kaligo prices include taxes! So in fact all three sites in our comparison would be comparable on price so the deciding factor would be the number of miles awarded

We would recommend checking all three sites to see which can provide the best bonus for the best price and for hotels that may not be featured on one of them. We checked a few other cities (Los Angeles, Singapore) and the trend was for Kaligo to be more expensive but they also tended to award the most miles out of the three. You also need to take into account any bonus offers such as Kaligo’s bonus Asia Miles as outlined above or anyone of the numerous Rocketmiles first booking bonuses (find those here). Finally, you’ll also need to take into account the program you want to earn miles in, for example Asia Miles are only available with PointsHound.com or Kaligo.com.

Unlike Pointshound and Rocketmiles, Kaligo does not have a referral program to get new members but we wouldn’t be surprised if that is something they bring along soon to attract more awareness to their site.

I recall talking with Pointshound when they launched and were soon followed by Rocketmiles. They were in fact happy there was competition as it validated their concept. Obviously it seems to be a good concept since there is now a third player in the space!

We wish the best to Kaligo and hope they succeed as well as there can’t be enough places to earn more Miles, more Points and more Rewards!

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