Friday, August 1, 2014

NH Hotels NH Rewards: Get EUR15 when you join the program and complete your first stay

Spanish based NH Hotels who have hotels in Europe and Latin America have relaunched their program as NH Rewards.  NH Rewards now awards 3% of your stays in points (essentially a 3% cash back program) which is higher return than some of the other cash back type hotel programs like World Hotels Peakpoints and Preferred Hotel Group's iPrefer. The new program also offers to option to use your points at anytime for redemption via their cash+points option. The interesting thing with the new NH Rewards is they will always reward you with the 3% back whether you pay for the stay with cash or points! Elite levels in the program are awarded even more points and more benefits. No matter what, if you have an NH Hotel stay you should join the program to make sure you get free Wi-Fi. Find out more about NH Rewards here.

To celebrate the relaunch of the NH Rewards program they are offering a first stay bonus that we assume will be awarded as points.

Offer Details
Receive €15 when you join the new NH Hotels NH Rewards Program and complete your first stay at any NH Hotel Worldwide. Full details Until ?

Let us know if you are planning to take advantage of this offer and how it works out for you (ie how long it takes to get the bonus posted to your account etc.)

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