Join US Airways by today to ensure you can take advantage of the 100% Buy Miles bonus

I know I just covered this late last week but figured I should mention once again that the ever popular 100% Bonus on buying US Airways Dividend Miles has one major condition attached to it in that you have to be a Dividend Miles member for at least 12 days, So be sure to sign up for Dividend Miles by the end of today to make sure you can take advantage of the promo by the end date of September 30.

The promo allows you to buy up to 50,000 miles (so 100,000 in total with the bonus) at 3.5 cents per mile (effective rate is 1.75 cents per mile) plus taxes of $131.25 for total of $1881.25. Considering that can get you a business class ticket between North America and Europe or Asia that can cost a lot more this is a good deal!

100% Bonus US Airways Dividend Miles when you buy miles until Sep 30, 2012!

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